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General Information on our Live Fish, Bird, Amphibian & Reptile Feeders:
Main Page
Index page for The Silkworm Shop

Silkworm Information - Care
General Information, Caring For & Breeding Silkworms

Silkworm Information - Why Silkworms?
The Benefits and Advantages of Using Silkworms as a Live Amphibian and Reptile Feeder

Flightless Fruit Fly Information
Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures - Background Information and Care

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ on Silkworms and Silkworm Care

Shopping Catalog
Listing of all Silkworm Products, Silkworm Food and Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures

Extra Small Silkworms
Listing of various quantities of Extra Small Silkworms for Sale

Small Silkworms
Listing of various quantities of Small Silkworms for Sale

Medium Silkworms
Listing of various quantities of Medium Silkworms for Sale

Large Silkworms
Listing of various quantities of Large Silkworms for Sale

Silkworm Food
Listing of various quantities of Silkworm Food

Silkworm Eggs
Listing of various quantities of Silkworm Food

Silkworm Kits
Listing of our silkworm kits - Basic or Deluxe Versions

Silkworm Books
Fictional and Non-Fictional Books About Silkworms Available to Purchase

Silkworm Cocoonery
This provides the perfect structure for silkworms to cocoon on.

Silkworm Cocoons
Listing of various quantities of Silkworm Cocoons for Sale

Flightless and Wingless Fruitflies
Listing of various quantities and species of Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures

Flightless Fruitfly Larvae
Listing of of Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae for Sale

Large Superworms
Listing of various quantities of Superworms for Sale

Superworm Kits
Breed your own Superworms with our Breeding Kit

Superworm Food / Bedding
Grow and house your superworms for months with our Superworm Bedding

Rice Flour Beetles
Listing of Rice Flour Beetles and Related Products for Sale

Listing of Microworms for Sale

Vinegar Eels
Listing of Vinegar Eels for Sale

Praying Mantis Page
We offer Praying Mantis Egg Cases, Living Mantids, All-in-One Kits and Mantid Supplies for Your Enjoyment!

Metal Insect Tongs
Insect Tongs are for Handling Feeders and Anything You Don't Want to Touch

Mulberry Seeds
Listing of various quantities of White Mulberry Seeds for Sale

Gift Certificates
Silkworm Shop Gift Certificates make a wonderful gift for the animal lovers in your life

Auto Shipment
If you'd like the same item shipped on a regular schedule, sign up for Auto Shipment

Contact Information:
The Silkworm Shop's Address, Phone Number and Contact Form

The Silkworm Shop's Email Link

Silkworm Resources and Fun:
Silkworm Books
Teachers can plan a Silkworm Science Lab while concurrently reading Silkworm related books.

Resources and Lessons for Teachers
Teachers can learn about fun and exciting activities that will make the silkworm experience a joy for students.

A Silkworm Poem and Song
Sing about the glorious silkworm with your students.

Kim Moldofski's Silkworm Project
Learn what happens in this humorous narrative when a mother of two decides to help her kids with a Silkworm Project for the science fair.

The History of the Mulberry
Learn all about the mulberry tree in the fascinating look at the "food of the silkworm."

Other Important Information:
Shipping Information & Terms of Use
Our Shipping Policy, Shipping Schedule and Terms of Use

Product Guarantee
Our Live, No Risk Product Guarantee

How Do We Determine Worm Size?
A Note About Worms Size and Count

The Silkworm Shop's Privacy Policy

The Silkworm Shop's Legal Disclaimer

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